How to download keylogger

There are many kinds of keyloggers. And your choise depends only on the fact, what you prefer: a simple and easy to use software or something more powerful, with several features and options.

You need just choose which kind of keyloggers you prefer. If you don't like to waste your time on browsing in all the keylogger's options, you should try Family Keylogger. It may be just what you are looking for. Many people use this friendly software more than 5 years and are satisfied with it. This software doesn't request any special knowledge and time to study it. Just install it and keylogger will do what you want. Let your wishes come true!

What about more powerful tools, good choice is Personal Inspector. The most popular way of using this software is employee monitoring at the office. But you can use it to spy on your wife/husband, children or any other users of your PC as well.

It can log not only keys but screenshots, clipboard, internet browsing history and any application starts. And you can receive these logs from any place in the world by e-mail. By the way, this keylogger can send logs via FTP protocol to any FTP-server.

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